In the Wake of the Reform

Licensed clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, couple and family therapists, offer clients reasonable rates for therapy and under affordable conditions.



  • Appointments set up directly with the therapist
  • No diagnosis necessary
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Affordable fee
  • Adult, child, family and couple therapy
  • Throughout Israel


We are a group of therapists who work in the area of mental health in various parts of Israel. We are clinical psychologists, psychologists and social workers trained in psychotherapy, and couple and family therapists. We all hold certified degrees which have been examined. (The license numbers appear on the personal profiles of each therapist).

We treat children, adolescents and adult populations. We are a group of professionals with various areas of expertise who treat a variety of issues using different therapeutic approaches, as can be seen in our personal profiles. All of us work in private practice, most of us have many years of experience in the public sector as well (past and present).

Many of us worked with the Kupot Holim (Health Funds) insurance programs (Clalit, Maccabi, Meuhedet, Leumit) until the introduction of the mental health reform on July 1, 2015.

We came together to provide a resource for people who previously could turn to Kupat Holim (the Health Fund) for therapy at a reasonable rate which was not dependent on a diagnosis or that exposed them to other workers of the agency. We feel it our professional duty to continue to provide psychological therapy in a setting which is strictly confidential.

We are offering low-cost therapy to those who choose not to turn to the Kupot Holim and who would have difficulty paying the high fees of the private sector. In keeping with our social perspective our site is striving to provide therapy in the greatest number of locations throughout Israel.

The therapists of Tenne are independent and work individually but are committed as a group to maintain the professional quality of the site and its continued values. The group has an elected board, a site manager and a Facebook manager, as well as a large staff of volunteers, who work toward the promotion of the site on behalf of our client population.


On July 1, 2015 the Ministry of Health instigated a reform in the public mental health system. Accordingly, the responsibility for all psychological treatment was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Israeli Health Funds. The Health Funds offer treatment through public clinics as well as by therapists in private practice who are contracted with them as service providers.

We are now in the midst of unsettling change, a change whose implications and results we will be able to comprehend and evaluate only at a future date. What we do already know is that therapy through the Health Funds is based on the medical, psychiatric model: Only those with psychiatric or suspected psychiatric diagnoses are eligible to obtain therapeutic services through the Health Funds. In line with this model therapists are required to pass on information regarding the client and the treatment they receive to Health Fund professionals (such as family doctors) and Health Fund representatives are involved in determining the type and length of the therapy.

The reform in its present state does not sufficiently address the needs of those who are experiencing distress or seeking psychotherapy for personal development and growth.


We offer psychotherapy that does not require the client to have a specific diagnosis, illness or disorder. We offer total confidentiality between therapist and client within the confines of a unique, close and deep relationship, whose nature and length will be determined within the safety of the consulting room by the therapist and client. We are offering therapy at a reduced rate for a significant period of time with the option to continue under conditions agreed upon between the therapist and client.

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